awesomedontcare: I realy want to dye my hair lilac. my natural hair is dark blonde but i don't want to bleach my hair(because of the damage) do you think it will work without bleaching ? Or should I just bleach it anyway

you probably wont get lilac without bleaching. if youre worried about bleaching, going to a professional will help, especially if you find one that is trusted (ie: someone you know has gone there and had a good result). there are a lot of ways to repair hair, and although bleach does damage, its not as bad as it used to be.

without lightening your hair, you can get purple, just not pastel.

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kittenboom: I'm about to dye my hair today after bleaching it gradually (& treating it) for a month or so. The length of my hair is still a really dark blonde and my roots are much lighter. I don't want the purple to be too bright anyway, do you think it'll be fine to just dye it as is?

yep! it’ll look awesome i bet :)

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Anonymous: i misread that last ask as 'I've always wanted to dye my skin to a dark purple'

omg thank you this made my night

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