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I used Stargazer Coral Blue and Shocking Pink, and mixed them out with balsam, so they would appear more pastel-like. 
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nyxellate: where can i get "hot oil treatments"? or do i just heat up any kind of hair oil i have? i have asked in salons but no one knows what i am talking about.

You can buy oil treatments (comes in loads of brands, including VO5, Loreal, Organix, etc) or you can make them yourself (I use coconut oil and I usually use this method)

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meantforsomuchmoreinthisworld: A note on color oops - I used it for pink and blue. It took out the pink but not the blue. It says on the instructions that it's not made for non natural looking hair color aka it works on blonde, brown, black, orange/red most likely but not on things like blue, green, purple, etc. Since it worked on the pink the first time I used it I thought it would work on blue but it didn't, I just ended up with smelly hair. I didn't notice the note in the instructions until after I had done it.
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